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Hearing Problem


Hearing Loss


Hearing impairment is often neglected but its effects can be crippling. Approximately 360,000 persons in Singapore suffer from hearing impairment, making it one of the most common conditions affecting Singaporeans.

With new technologies, a wide range of hearing restoration strategies is now available, and the most suitable intervention can be nowadays tailored for almost every individual hearing need.


Treatment options available



If there is a surgically correctable cause of hearing loss such as problems with the tiny bones within the middle ear (otosclerosis), surgery can be done so that the patient’s hearing is restored without the need for any assistive hearing devices.

Hearing aids

Hearing aid technology has become very sophisticated. They are now much smaller and more powerful. Some are designed to be waterproof for use in water sports. Some hearing aids can even connect wirelessly with telephones!

Surgical implants
Multiple surgical hearing implants are now available. These include Cochlear implants, Bone Anchored hearing aids (BAHA), active middle ear implants.


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